About VPS

Vera Petrovic Schön

The VPS in VPS översättningar [VPS translations] simply stands for Vera Petrovic Schön. I’m offering high quality translations of non-fictional texts from German into Swedish, delivery on time and complete confidentiality.

Language sense

A good translation is the sum of so much more than merely the translated words themselves. It requires an innate sense of language, proficiency in the source and the target language as well as an excellent understanding of the culture and forms of address in both countries. My education and a four-year stay in Germany are vouching for my skills in both languages. To this you may add a genuine interest in languages and the ambition to produce texts that do not give the impression of being translated.  This is what I strive towards, regardless if I’m translating is a technical manual, an art brochure or a marketing text.



I started VPS översättningar in 2004 after I was asked to perform a translation from German into Swedish, and have been translating ever since. Working on the first translation, I realized early on that this is a profession that suits me very well and as a result decided to study translation at the University of Lund.

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